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Discover all the benefits of naturopathy with Sylvie Bezy for a great moment of relaxation.

About : Naturopathy – BEZY Sylvie

Helping you in optimizing your health and advise on rules of hygiene of life only by natural means.
(dietary adjustment, food supplements, stress management advice, phytotherapy, Bach flowers ...) The naturopath is a health educator whose objective is to make you cultivate and increase your vital force. I will suggest tools to strengthen your immune system and to relieve your health problems.

This revolutionary technique is the brainchild of an American, Gary Douglas, and allows you to gradually release the conscious and unconscious memories and conditionings that clutter you and put barriers in your way. Here is how a session of Bars takes place: You are quietly installed on a massage table, while I stimulate by a very soft touch, a series of 32 energetic points on your head with my fingers. These points are "Bars", precise places where your body has stored a whole bunch of beliefs, emotions, judgments, points of view that limit you.
A session allows you to naturally rebalance the points that need it. Access Bars helps to broaden awareness and facilitate change.
Give yourself new horizons with this method.

I practice two kinds of massages: the relaxing Califonian massage with essential oils according to your needs, and the Sensitive massage of the Camilli method which allows you to travel in your inner space thanks to its deep relaxation and a letting go of the mind. The particularity of this massage, soft and powerful at the same time, is its attentive and enveloping touch which, thanks to its quality of listening and presence, adapts to your needs of the moment.
These two massages are practiced with organic sesame oil on a massage table that I take home.

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  • Well-being


All year round, daily.
By appointment only
In season: every day.
Out of season: every day except weekends.
Moves at home.


1st FULL BALANCE SHEET CONSULTATION lasting 2 hours: 70€.
The following consultations: 60€.
CONSULTATION FOOD BALANCE SHEET for food adjustment only for 1 hour: 50€.

Duration of the session: 1 hour.Rate: 50€. (session + Bach flower tips: 60€)

Californian massage : price according to duration ( 30mn : 30€ - 1h : 50€ - 1h15 : 65€ - 1h30 : 80€)
Sensitive Massage: one hour session including a 10 mn interview: 50€.

Means of payment

  • Cheque
  • Cash