Once you’ve taken off your skis, you’ll see that the mountains have yet to reveal the full extent of their delights… as it is on foot that the soothing virtues of nature become most apparent.

With or without snowshoes, walkers can enjoy the fresh air on one of the 3 groomed walking trails in Auris : the “Col de Maronne”, the “Piégut” forest and the “La Rochette” loop. .

The Nordic domain of Auris is 2 sectors for 2 wild atmospheres typical of the Oisans and its high mountain spirit.

Sector of Piegut

The sunlight playong with the snow-laden branches, the animal tracks and the peaks that reveal their walk along the way will transport you to Canada…

On the forest side of Piégut, the pleasures are multiplied with a pedestrian trail, ski touring, dog sledding and scooters! But where to start?

The pedestrian walk is a must in Auris, as it leads through one of the largest and most beautiful spruce forest in Europe. The play of sunlight with the snow-laden branches, the animal tracks and the peaks that reveal themselves along the way will transport you to Canada… So there’s no need to go so far, Auris has something to offer you.

And that’s not all, because this trail is also used by sled dogs and Ze Trott’s “fat trott” or electric scooter with wide tires. 2 different ways to evolve on the snow, poetic at the rhythm of the huskies or fun while spinning on two wheels!

And finally, a ski touring trail goes up above the forest of Piégut and follows the crest of Les Sûres. At the end, a blue slope joins the resort to enjoy some curves. Here again the view is clear and opens on the cirque which shelters Auris and its resort.

Sector of Maronne / Rochette

Vast snowy expanses (…) as well as breathtaking panoramas are offered to you. Here, a little piece of Alaska has been invited in the Alps…

From the resort a route climbs over 100m up to the Col de Maronne. This very accessible itinerary is exactly what you need for a short family outing. Vast wilderness area of snow all the way to the plateau as well as breathtaking panoramas are available to you. Here, a little piece of Alaska has been invited in the Alps…

The most athletic will only warm up, before continuing on another 2km. From then on, the whole plateau of La Rochette opens up to you for a wild moment in tête-à-tête with the summits. On the other hand, to reach the latter, those who prefer to go “easy”, the Auris express chairlift will do the job! The loop itself is 2 km long and winds along a plateau in front of the Alpe d’Huez resort. Along the latter, pedestrians are welcome but must give priority to cross-country skiers who must keep up the pace!

Walking, snowshoeing or Nordic walking, you can enjoy these itineraries with a view on the Écrins summits. You can forget about the resort and the ski lifts until the view opens up to Alpe d’Huez and the Grandes Rousses summits… And there again the magic happens!

All in all, it’s an 8 km trip through the fascinating winter landscapes… 8 km that clears the head, lengthens the vacations and makes memories!

Guided snowshoeing outings

If you really want to feel the heart of the mountain beating under the snow, you need a guide. They are like chamois, knowing their territory like the back of their snowshoes, in particular the 70 hectares of the Piégut forest. The spruce trees provide cover for unmarked trails under snow-laden branches, where sunlight glinting through the trees creates a magical atmosphere.


But that’s not all! You can also escape onto the groomed trails of the Alpe d’Huez cross-country skiing area.

Snowshoeing and walking trail map

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