The Sarenne round trip (Circuit n°8)

Route du Col de Sarenne

Route du Col de Sarenne ©Route du Col de Sarenne

Clavans en Haut Oisans

Clavans en Haut Oisans ©Laurent Salino

Clavans en Haut Oisans

Clavans en Haut Oisans ©Images et rêves

Reaching Alpe d’Huez involves tackling the 21 famous switchbacks known to cyclists the world over. Climbing to the top by car is less of a problem, and you are sure to arrive in better shape at the summit!

About : The Sarenne round trip (Circuit n°8)

This almost 47 km circuit start in Bourg d'Oisans.

This route takes you first to the centre of the resort, where ↘two exhibitions await. The first unveils details of the lives of the inhabitants of Brandes, a small village that grew around the silver mines operating from the mid-12th century to the mid-14th century for the profit of the ‘Dauphin’, the Lord of the Dauphiné region. The museum displays the findings of the archaeological digs that have been carried out on this site for the past 35 years. The second exhibition, entitled ‘Local people, living in Oisans in the old days’ (Gens d’ici, vivre en Oisans autrefois), focuses on key themes, guiding visitors along a trail which takes them deep into the daily lives of Oisans inhabitants, from birth through to death: rites and beliefs, peddling, wakes…everything that forms the core of a mountain society. A new exhibition: "Ready for sport" depicting how Alpe d’Huez gradually became the sports resort, we know today.

A short step from the museum, next to the altiport, you can see the ↘Brandes silver mine, a unique archaeological site in Europe. Guided visits are organised twice a week. You can then carry on up to the ↘col de Sarenne for a magnificent
view over the Emparis plateau.

After the pass, you find yourself in the Ferrand valley, with its string of villages: Clavans-en-Haut‑Oisans, Besse-en-Oisans and Mizoen. Give your legs a stretch by strolling peacefully through the streets of these pretty villages.

Before returning to Bourg-d'Oisans, stop off at Freney d’Oisans. A Route des Savoir-Faire member will welcome you to his work place and show you his skill. Gilles, a passionate beekeeper, offers «Bee Safari» adventures going from hive to hive dressed in beekeeping gear (please phone ahead). You can explore his ↘"Un Ecrin de miel" smallholding and taste his delicious produce, including mountain honey and other regionally produced honeys, propolis, gingerbread and nougat.


From 01/06 to 31/10 : open daily (Col de Sarenne closed in winter).

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