Dynamic awakening





Awaken your body gently, by putting it in motion, thanks to Thileke's dynamic yoga class!

About : Dynamic awakening

Yoga at the heart of your dynamic awakening!

You'll be able to increase the dynamism of your movements as you breathe.
Each session will include stretching, twisting, bending, lateral bending, balancing, support, etc.
By learning the right and strong movements, you'll learn to settle into the right postures, increase your dynamism and derive a sense of well-being.

You'll learn to be in your body and really feel it!

To be there. Being present for yourself.
Real and dynamic.

Minimum age: 12 years

Welcome: Bring loose clothing and closed shoes.

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English - French - Dutch

From 12 years old

45 min



  • Well-being
  • Fitness
  • Duration of the session: 45 minutes


From 09/08 to 26/08, daily at 8.30 am.

From 10/12 to 16/04, daily at 9.15 am.


From 10/12/2022 to 16/04/2023
Adult: 25 €.

From 09/08 to 26/08/2023
Adult: 25 €.

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