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Vanessa Prevost will introduce you to yoga, through individual or group classes, as well as using an original approach that includes yoga and dance workshops or themed weekends and longer stays.

About : Relaxation – Yoga

Group yoga classes enable you to explore your body and breathing. They are an invitation to gain awareness of deep feelings and become one with your own presence. Sessions, which are of varying duration and intensity, are experienced through postures (Âsana), breathing techniques (Prânâyâma), specific gestures (Mudrâ) and meditation (Dhyana).
You can also explore yoga in private classes, enabling you to best meet your needs of the moment. Individual accompaniment enables you to better meet your requirements, both physical and psychic. The practice focuses on the body, breathing and concentration, respecting the rhythm of each person. There are many shapes and forms, according to requirements. Active listening is provided, in relation with yoga, meditation and massage.

To share knowledge of yoga in a different way:
weekends and holidays are available: Yoga - hiking or "resourcing" weekends, provide you with another approach to the yoga experience, focusing on specific themes or linked to an outdoors activity, such as hiking in the summer or snowshoeing in winter.

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From 01/09 to 31/08, daily.


Adult: 85 to 105 €.